US Army corps training mexican cadets photo 1940 SQUADRON 201

By in Squadron 201, WWII on March 7, 2013
1943 F 2001 cadetes atras

Original Vintage U.S. Army corps at Randolph Field Texas training Mexican cadets official military press photograph – Circa 1940. Single Weight Glossy Finish with Border.News release tracing paper flap- Attached to Reverse Bottom Edge Reads: ‘News Release’ – ‘Gulf Coast Air Corps Training Center’ – ‘Randolph Field, Texas’ – ’Mexican cadets train too’ – ’Army air forces contract flying school, Corsicana field, Corsicana Texas, U.S.A.’ – ‘Five Mexican Youths’ – with Identifications as Shown Below – ‘After the Cadets Receive Their Pilot’s Wings They Will Return to Mexico as Officers in the Mexican Air Corps’.

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